50 Content Ideas for Your Cannabis Brand for 2022


50 Content Ideas for Your Cannabis Brand for 2022

January 11, 2022 | Education

Creating content for your brand is the highly technical intersection of your target audience’s interests and habits, your brand expression, and working with the platform’s algorithm.

But on this out-of-control hamster wheel that we call the digital media space, sometimes it’s nice to have some evergreen content in your back pocket or to find a dose of inspiration.

Here are 50 content ideas to help light up your 2022 content calendar.

High Production

This content will require some lighting, some sound editing, some good connections, and some scheduling, but will offer lots of ways to express your brand. Maybe partner with a digital media company to guarantee the coverage it deserves.

1. Dinner for two: a series with a chef and a host where you pair a dish + a strain
2. Unplugged: a series following notable people in the space about how they switch off from their phones and laptops
3. Highballs: a cannabis and cocktails masterclass
4. My first high: an interview with two people of different generations or backgrounds about their first time smoking weed
5. Test the budtenders; a head-to-head between two of your brand’s employees on their knowledge
6. Cannabis and work: can you talk about cannabis online and keep your job, maintain your personal brand, and break the stigma? Interview people who do
7. Film club: Pair a film and one of your products and give some fun critical analysis as you go
8. Art history series: a weekly two-host series delving into interesting art history stories with subtle product placements
9. Roll with me: a beautiful 90s inspired skateboarding and cannabis photo series
10. The yearbook: an interview series featuring your products where everyday people talk about the year that changed their life
11. The enlightenment series: a podcast series with philosophers, teachers, and metaphysicists about consciousness and humanity

A Few Hours’ Work

One or two people could create this content but it requires a little research and editing skills.

12. Spotify playlists for each of your products
13. Meet the grower: answering the community’s hottest questions
14. Interview a customer: cannabis and emotional wellbeing
15. How to prep your cannabis for cooking
16. One planted for every purchase: is hemp is more effective than trees at carbon storage?
17. The free and radical against free-radicals: cannabis and skincare
18. Brain teasers: a string of 10-second clips asking brain teasers to people around your office
19. Finding my purpose: the founder’s personal journey into the cannabis space
20. Sweet sensations: how to stop your edibles from tasting of cannabis with recipes
21. Magic pizza: pizza recipes that are elevated with cannabis and high-end ingredients
22. Follow our organic farming practices: how we protect our land and the environment
23. Five-ingredient canna-bake recipe series
24. Game on: cannabis and video game pairing suggestions with live play and/or a tournament
25. Second-hand high: short videos of people with their most prized/strange found or antique object
26. The story behind: short videos of the story behind the biggest cannabis-related pop cultural moments over the past 30 years
27. My stash box: a gritty, unfiltered photo series of people’s stash box with a short story about who they are and how they got into cannabis
28. Hobbyist: follow some of your employees as they learn a new skill over the summer, as the audience gets to know them over time.
29. Behind the scenes: how you made the decisions that make your product so special

You + a Phone + Five Minutes

Address your customer directly with these easy content ideas that could be TikToks, Reels, or short posts.

30. Three things you can do to support marijuana expungement
31. What is cannabis micro-dosing? Is it just for ‘green’ users?
32. Rest up: a rundown of your favorite slow-living, life-enhancing activities
33. Write a letter with me to the Last Prisoner Project
34. A cannabis gift guide
35. Can I cross state lines with cannabis? (spoiler, don’t)
36. Cannabis-infused honey tea for cold winter nights in January
37. What’s all the fuss about Delta-8?
38. Incorporating CBD into your exercise routine
39. Get cozy: Hygge and cannabis home inspiration
40. My daily weed walk: just one person and a camera showing clips of aesthetically pleasing parts of their weed walk
41. Our most-bought strains in 2021
42. Canna-book club: a weekly strain plus book recommendation
43. Make easy cannabis coconut oil
44. Cannabis and coffee: how cannabis and caffeine interact
45. The Sunday series: clips of beautiful ‘Sunday-style’ activities that include your products
46. Question prompts: each week, ask your audience questions about their favourite movies, music, dishes, and compile them into little aesthetic vignettes
47. Spring smoothie recipes that will make your day 100 x better
48. Picnic weather: one picnic per week in the summer with recommended snacks, drinks, strain, & book
49. The best autumnal weed walks in the country/state
50. Dopamine hit: nice things happening in the world, unlikely friendships, people coming through for one another, fundraising activities


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