Enthuse POV


Enthuse POV

Enthuse is an independent, WBENC-Certified agency dedicated to premium experiences. Co-founded by experiential marketing veteran and Chief Operating Officer, Kim Pulczinski-Lawton, and education expert and Chief People Officer, Kristy Snyder, the agency takes a consultative approach to marketing employing new ways to drive growth for emerging brands.

Along with VP Client Leadership, Lisa Petrella, the agency is a thriving example of a women-led organization. We take a human approach to data and analytics tools that allow us to pivot quickly to adapt to changes in the market, evolve to address the personal motivations of critical gatekeepers, deploy winning strategies across multiple markets, and track the resulting key performance indicators to gauge ROI.

We are a purpose-driven collective dedicated to “doing our part” by identifying and supporting emerging women-owned businesses. We support these companies in their infancy through the Enthuse Foundation by providing brand direction, business training/infrastructure building, market insights, and Foundation grants. We are creating a community of support for women-owned businesses by becoming a resource connector, looping in our clients and partners to share their wisdom and guidance through regular interactive incubator programs and activities.