Our Gender Inclusion Policy


Our Gender Inclusion Policy

July 7, 2020 | Resources

In June, we celebrated love. This year, the parades were protests, the advocacy was virtual, and our fight for an inclusive future without discrimination looked a little different. While many organizers brought joy to these strange circumstances, this year had a particular solemnity that reminded us how far we still have to go, particularly regarding issues of intersectionality and trans rights.

Our mission at Enthuse Foundation is to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs who face more significant obstacles to funding than their male peers.

We’re here to support all women. In case it needs to be said, that, of course, includes trans women.

But, for as many biases there are against women founders, there are sadly many more for people who don’t conform to society’s gender binaries. Our program also absolutely welcomes founders who are nonbinary or gender-fluid who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women.

We often celebrate entrepreneurship as a way to live life on your terms, but for many people, that means the opportunity to step away from discriminatory workplaces. If entrepreneurship is an escape for you, we’d be honored to help you on your path.

Are men included in your activities? 

People who identify solely as men are very welcome to attend learning events or to become a mentor, but may not be asked to submit applications for grant-giving events or to become a mentee.

What policies do you have in place to make sure that your gender policy is inclusive? 

We know that binary terms can be important in our anti-sexism work. However, we will stop using the term “female founders” because we understand that not every woman we help will identify as female.

We will never challenge or assume your gender when you apply for any of our events. If you’re with us, it’s because you feel that you’re included.


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