The Three Cs of Business Storytelling


The Three Cs of Business Storytelling

July 17, 2019 | Education, Inspiration

Well, we had an absolute blast hosting some smart, supportive, wonderful women yesterday evening at our summer storytelling workshop. Witnessing the Enthuse Foundation community so engaged in offering help and guidance to one another and elevating the energy in the room is why we love throwing events.

We were led by Linda Grace Farley, a Toastmasters International District Director, business owner, facilitator, and author whose approach to coaching has a holistic flair.

If you weren’t able to join us yesterday, we’ve rounded up Linda’s speech about the three Cs of business storytelling. Hope to see you in September!

The Three Cs 


If you’re telling a story you don’t believe in, your audience will know immediately. Take a little time to prod and poke the reasons why you’re doing this in the first place, then you’ll let people know who you are. 

“Exhibit your passion. What drives you? What is your why? Why do you want to do this? Those questions identify who you are. For as many years as you’ve been on this earth, you’ve had many experiences. Those experiences are the stories you tell. Those stories are your speeches, your pitches.”

“In business, your gut instincts are magnified. If you cannot stand up and say, with conviction and in the face of doubt, ‘this is mine,’ you have to ask yourself why not.”

“There’s competition out there, and it’s fierce. What’s going to make people want to come to you? Why this product? What characteristics make this the best? Maybe the answer is in your feedback, or in a ‘thank you’ you’ve received.”

“Where and how will this product make an impact in the world? You want to impact, you want to give back. If you think small, you’ll be small. You have to know that you can conquer the world.”

“You all have the innate ability that will help you succeed. Live, breathe, eat, and sleep your conviction towards your product.”

“Create some FOMO. Let people know what they’ll be missing if they don’t buy your product or service.”

“Who are you to not follow your gut? You’d do an injustice to everyone you might be able to help.”


These stories have happened to you, and you’re the subject-matter expert. Our brains are wired for storytelling; when we show emotion and radiate authenticity, it’s engaging and persuasive.

“Why do I have confidence as a speaker? It’s because although I know you could sit there and judge me, I understand that’s your issue, not mine. It’s not for me to worry about saying something that you don’t like. I know I can’t please everybody.”

“Don’t be scared to say, “This is my product. I believe in it, and I’ll tell you why.””

“Show your passion and stand up and be counted. Allow the world to see the brilliance of who you are.”

“Sometimes we just try too hard. If you go into a meeting with a scarcity mindset–that this is your only chance to succeed–you’re unlikely to make the impact that you like, and if you do, they’ll rake you over the coals. An abundance mindset lets you say, “I understand this product isn’t for you. Thank you for your time.” and believe you’ll find it somewhere else.”

“What have you done in the past that will allow you to brag? Think about what you’ve done to demonstrate that you’re a force to be reckoned with.”


Sometimes our enthusiasm for the fullness and richness of our vision can make articulating what we want difficult. To realize our dreams, we need to bring them into sharp focus.

“Repeat Dragnet’s, “just the facts, ma’am” to yourself.”

“Be respectful of the time of the person you’re meeting with. Don’t give away the whole story. You only need to whet their appetite.”

“Practice verbal bullet points, tall body language, and a great handshake. How will your product provide a return on investment? Prepare your timeline; tell them what you can deliver in one year, two years, five years. And have an exit strategy; whether you want to sell your company eventually or not, you have to let potential investors know when they’ll get paid back.”

Is it your time to shine?

There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo


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