How Do Leaders Recognize a Dying Business Model?


How Do Leaders Recognize a Dying Business Model?

June 14, 2023 | Press

Kim Lawton, CEO of Enthuse Marketing Group, an experiential agency was quoted in a CEOWorld Magazine article about recognizing business models that are no longer working.

Lawton pointed out that once you’ve identified any misalignment, you have golden opportunities to correct your business model. She provided an example with Enthuse Marketing client, luxury spirits manufacturer and seller Diageo Reserve.

Enthuse helped Diageo see that the company’s typical model — trying to push their brands onto bartenders and then expecting bartenders to push to consumers — didn’t work anymore. This led Diageo to take more of an educational, consultative approach to sales.

“Field teams were qualified, trained, and deployed to educate the trade on industry trends and category or bar operations, plus they then showed how the Reserve Brands could fit into each bar and their unique concept,” explains Lawson. “The move from brand-centric to customer-centric wasn’t just bespoke; it revolutionized and revitalized customer-brand engagement. Best of all, it increased Diageo’s value in the eyes of leads.”

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