About the Enthuse Foundation


About the Enthuse Foundation

Throughout our careers, we’ve had mentors who believed in us, as well as opportunities to launch businesses, take risks, and switch careers. We’ve been lucky and we know it. For a long time, entrepreneurship had been the domain of men due to their ability to tap into established networks for financing and mentorship. While that is changing, women are still less likely than men to receive more than $100K in funding, or even access to the alliances that will help them build a business. We want to do our part to change that.

Since its inception, our vision for Enthuse has included a foundation to support female entrepreneurs and create a new community of thought leaders. While there are a growing number of organizations and incubators offering financing and mentorships to women-owned businesses, we found that few, if any, offered constructive feedback as to why a business wasn’t selected for their program. We realized that it wasn’t what female entrepreneurs were saying, but, perhaps, what they weren’t saying that was preventing them from getting to the next round.

Drawing on our experience, we’ve created a multi-tiered platform for women to receive the insights and resources they need to take their business from new to next.

We believe the Enthuse Foundation can help to support the growth of women-owned businesses through:


We offer insight into the challenges facing female entrepreneurs. Visit our resource library for links to information about funding, accounting, and other issues unique to women-owned businesses.


As business owners, we understand that the emotional investment in a business often outweighs the financial investment. Our community is a safe space where women can share their experiences and be inspired by those who have faced similar challenges.


We have always believed in the transformative power of one-to-one relationships. Through our mentoring platform, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into the expertise of successful women in a variety of industries. Download our app and register to become a mentor or mentee.


We bring influential women together for networking events and panel discussions that address the challenges women face when launching or growing a business and offer insight on how to overcome them. 


Our Enthuse Foundation Pitch Nights offer female entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet and learn from investors while perfecting their elevator pitch. During each event, we will break out into small groups of women business owners and present to an investment professional. You’ll receive valuable and constructive feedback about your presentation from the investor, as well as the other female business owners. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about these events.

We appreciate your interest in the Enthuse Foundation and hope you find these resources helpful in taking your business from new…to next.

Kim & Kristy



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