How to Create a Refreshing Sip of Legacy


How to Create a Refreshing Sip of Legacy

December 1, 2023 | Industry, Publication, Research

Kim Lawton, an award-winning marketing veteran and CEO of Enthuse Marketing, recently contributed to an article on Food Chain called How to Create a Refreshing Sip of Legacy.

Lawton discusses the challenges of rebranding as legacy brands with reputations spanning 25 years or more, but the modern consumers’ want for updated luxury and memorable experiences makes change a must. She provided an example with Enthuse Marketing client, luxury spirits manufacturer, and seller Diageo Reserve.

Enthuse Marketing’s team examined how each brand in the Diageo portfolio communicated itself to prestigious accounts in the industry and reinvented the original storytelling strategy by creating the Diageo Hospitality Partnership program. This program fostered three levels the brand could use to educate the public and be customer-centric rather than brand-centric. Diageo Reserve’s rebrand was about reinventing the education strategy, but Lawton notes that every aspect of a heritage rebrand should be up for reinvention, even the taste.

How do you do it? Lawton suggests these four things:

  • Talk to people who love the brand.
  • Find something exciting to test.
  • Stay in touch.
  • Waltz, don’t run.

Although change may seem impossible, Lawton states, “Don’t be afraid of change. Face it and use it to make your brand better today.”

Click here for the full article.

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